Anti-Tick Dog Collar with EM® Beads

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WHAT IS the EM®?

EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms®, a brand name referring to a family of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa.


EM® Technology comes in the form of a pipe composed of clay to which Effective Microorganisms (EM) have been added during firing. This firing allows the microorganisms to settle in the clay and last. It is this pipe that forms the active part of the anti tick collars. The microorganisms are activated by water, movement, and sunshine, and transmit vibrations (unpleasant for ticks and other small insects). Anti Tick Collar with EM® Ceramic Pipes is a natural alternative to chemical collars. The advantage of this collar is that it does not contain toxic chemicals, which makes it safer for animals, humans, and the environment in general.

HOW TO USE the Anti-Tick EM® collars?

– Before using it for the first time, rinse the collar thoroughly in warm water and let it dry naturally in the sun. Repeat this process every 14 days or so.
– It is important to keep the beads clean otherwise the wavelength of the emissions can be altered. You can use a little nail brush but do not use soap or any chemicals.
– If you use a bug spray or any essential oils as well as the collar, then make sure that the beads stay oil-free.
– The collar can get wet, so it is no problem to swim with the collar. Just let it dry naturally in the sun on the dog afterwards. However, it should not be worn in pool water because of the chemical treatments in the water.
– Do not attach a lead to this collar.

Are Anti-Tick EM® collars safe?

These anti tick collars should not have any side effects commonly associated with chemical tick treatments. It is a safer tick repellant for dogs and cats with allergies and sensitivities.
BUT there is no 100% guarantee that anti-tick EM® collars will keep ticks off you or your pets. It is important to check your dog AND yourself for ticks after every walk.


Paracord – Type I (1.9 mm Nylon cord)
EM® pipes (approx. 1 cm (3/8”) long). The number of ceramic pipes depends on the neck size.
Decorative beads
Plastic side release buckle

AVAILABLE for dogs with neck circumferences:

25-50 cm (approx. 10-20 inches)
Collar width: approx 1.5 cm / 5/8”


Measure by using a soft-sided measuring tape around the largest part of your dog’s neck. Make sure it is SNUG BUT COMFORTABLE – about 2 fingers of space between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck.

IMPORTANT: The collar should sit lower on the neck than a flat collar, kind of like a necklace.

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