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Hand-made fleece pajamas for large breeds.

Materials: Fleece (100% Polyester) / Cotton Jersey
30 degrees Celsius machine wash


BACK: from the base of the neck to the base of the tail
CHEST: behind the front legs, around the deepest part of the chest
NECK: around the neck where the collar would sit


Medium – Panda:
Back: 53,5-56 cm (21-22 inches)
Chest: 69-79 cm (27-31 inches)
Neck: 41-43 cm (16-17 inches)

XLarge SLIM – Sleeping Fox Stone:
Back: 58.5-61 cm (23-24 in)
Chest: 69-79 cm (27-31 in)
Neck: 43-46 cm (17-18 in)

XXLarge – Batik Pink:
Back: 61-63,5 cm (24-25 inches)
Chest: 78-90 cm (31-35 inches)
Neck: 48-51 cm (19-20 inches)

All sizes and colors – MADE TO ORDER – are available here:


Sizes are specific to dogs with similar constitutions as the dog in the pictures (Vizsla).

Select the appropriate size before adding to the cart. If you don’t find the right size for your dog, please contact us.

Each buyer is responsible for determining the suitability of this product for their individual use. Buyer accepts all responsibility for purchasing and using this



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